Guard of Istiniar

The History of Istiniar and its Guard

A tale of yesteryear: stories from Istiniar

There was once a land called Istiniar, reaching from the town of Praven in the north-west to the castle of Jamiche in the south-east. Like many other realms of its time, Istiniar was ruled by one sovereign, the Emperor of Istiniar. But this land wasn’t like the other kingdoms or empires. In this land the people – men and women alike – had the right to participate in the government. They met and they suggested what they thought should be done or not be done and then they discussed and then had a vote. The people of Istiniar were not equal in rights, but compared to their neighbours, the differences between the highest and the lowest Istiniarian was far less pronounced. The Istiniarians knew to value leadership, but they also knew the value of their own rights and participation.

But as it is with many kingdoms of our time, the good times came to an end, when a man, greedy for power, promoted the unsatisfied minds of some and a civil war broke out. And with the help of outside powers, who were loath to see a empire ruled with the people and for the people and who wanted to see it perish from the earth, the insurgent overthrew the Emperor of Istiniar and claimed the land for himself, ruling for coming years as despot over it. The capital of Istiniar, symbol of the Istiniarian identity was sacked and burned, the royal castle razed.

The Guard of Istiniar, an order of old, with noble ideas and sound minded members, stayed true to their Emperor and to their belief of what was a good country. When the Emperor was seized and murdered together with his family, the Guardsmen were in battle with the insurgent and his allies, suffering heavy losses. Decimated in numbers and with low spirits they were warned by friendly souls of what had befallen their Emperor and his family. Forced to flee by the circumstances, they made an oath to reclaim the lands of Istiniar and to restore a government that would represent their values. The Guard then went into exile to muster forces and to recruit brave men to fight for their rights, their empire and their freedom.

– Gorfanr the Wise, A tale of yesteryear: stories from Istiniar.

Chronicle of Istiniar

This year went Lord Golian of Epeshe and besieged Culmarr Castle, betraying his oath and Emperor. The Emperor Eothel came with his guard and all the people that followed him to Culmarr and there beat Golian and banished him from Istiniar.

1250 This year the Emperor Eothel went to Ingledes Castle to hold court there and it was in this year that Golian returned with allies from neighbouring realms. War broke out and the Emperor Eothel led his armies into victory at Maras and Azgad.

1251 This year a mighty coalition led by the insurgent Golian and King Harlaus of Swadia attacked Istiniar from all the directions known to men. The various Duchies, Marquessates and Earldoms of Istiniar repelled the attackers many a time, but were taken in the end. The Emperor Eothel ordered his guard and all the brave men of Istiniar to fight a great battle against the invaders near Haringoth, where a mighty enemy army had assembled. The Emperors' men were slain in great numbers. Preparing to ride into battle and help his ferocious fighters the Emperor and all his family was slain by traitors in his own homestead. Opening the gates to the enemy, the same traitors then caused the sacking, burning and razing of town and castle of Istiniar. Disheartened by this loss, the remaining cities and castles of Istiniar fell one after another. Only a few loyal guardsmen could escape the slaughter of Haringoth and they flew upon learning of their beloved kings and countries fate. Local legend says that the guardsmen escaped with parts of the Imperial treasury.

– Unknown, Chronicle of Istiniar.

Addendum to the Chronicle of Istiniar

1264 This year the former Imperial Guard of Istiniar took back Azgad and from there they prepared for war against those who had stolen the land.

1266 This year the Guard was led to a great victory by their captain Gavin at Haringoth Castle. They rode to war and took and fortified the lands from Praven in the north to Haringoth Castle in the south. In Haringoth the guard held a feast, where they drank wine and ate plenty. And here they also made an assembly and they discussed and decided to continue the realm of old. In this same year Gavin, captain of the guard and respected nobleman of the old realm, was crowned Emperor of Istiniar and there was much rejoicing.

– Unknown, Chronicle of Istiniar.

Proclamations of Istiniar - A compilation of past announcements

With pride I now announce:

The Guard of Istiniar decides to prepare for war once more: to retake their beloved country from the hands of the unjust ruler and his henchmen. We shall restore a government, in which every human may participate. We will assemble armies of mighty bowmen, sturdy infantry and fast cavalry and hope to end the regime in Istiniar once and for all. The Guardsmen hope to find a great number of willing supporters and recruits who will aid them in their struggle. May the heroes and the wise of old be with us in spirit, if not in body, and aid us in our struggle!

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