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The Guard of Istiniar follows a set of Core Values and expects its members (and potential members) to act - among other things - maturely, responsibly and respectfully. The Core Values and rules governing the running and organisation of the multi-gaming clan (also referred to as "Company") can be found in the Constitution. Everyone who applies to join the multi-gaming clan (through joining one of its Branches) is expected to read the Constitution and accept it. It is also expected, that applicants read and accept the Charter of the Branch they want to join. Accept means that the member will voluntarily act according to the rules stated in the Constitution and Charter.

If you are interested in joining one of the branches of the Guard of Istiniar, please go to the sub-forum mentioned below and write an application in accordance with the guidelines noted in the sticky of the respective sub-forum. It is possible to join multiple Branches, in that case please wait until your first application has been responded to and the contact the Director(s) of the Branch(es) you want to join additionally. They will then add you to the roster and you will then be able to participate in trainings and view restricted sections. Your application will be discussed in the responsible committee of the Branch you originally applied for. Thereafter it will be ratified by the Board of Directors. Should the final decision after the ratification be positive, you are accepted as Regular Member into the Company and may participate in all Branches. If the decision is negative, you are removed as member from the Company and all Branches.

Requirements for being accepted on trial and becoming a Trial Member of the Company, as well as a trial member in the Branch(es), are:

  1. that you are at least 15 years of age
  2. that you are able to communicate in English
  3. that you read and accept the Constitution of the Company and the Charter(s) of the Branch(es) you want to join

You currently can join the following Branches:

Guard of Istiniar for the game Mount & Blade: Warband (module: Native)

  1. Charter
  2. Sub-forum for applications

Guard of Istiniar for the game War of the Roses

  1. Charter
  2. Sub-forum for applications

Guard of Istiniar for the game War of the Vikings

  1. Charter
  2. Sub-forum for applications

Good luck with your application!

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Guard of Istiniar is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization.
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