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Istiniarian Games '10

The first Istiniaran Games took place on the 11th and 12th September 2010.

They were organised by Lugh, but made possible by the help and support of all those who volunteered to share their ideas, make maps, organise events or simply to take part. The participants could master numerous different challenges: they could take participate in a javelin-throwing tournament, an archery tournament and many other events.

Zanic recorded the Games and edited those recordings to create what you are now viewing. The music and sound effects (occasional commentary from TeamSpeak excluded) are taken from the stock sites Freeplay Music and The Freesound Project.

100 days of Istiniar: Lugh's Ludicrous Steeplechase

On Sunday, the 30th May, the Guard of Istiniar celebrated the 100-days-anniversary of it's existence. Organised by Lugh and SCGavin and various helpers, following events took place, of which you see Lugh's Ludicrous Steeplechase in the video that has been recorded and edited by Sophie/Deathstar:

  • Proclamation of the Empire and the Constitution
  • Coronation of the Emperor
  • An address by our Captain-cum-Emperor, SCGavin
  • Initiation of new recruits
  • Knighting ceremony
  • The Istiniaran Battle Royal
  • Lugh's Ludicrous Steeplechase

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Guard of Istiniar is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization.
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